Noel Paul Stookey headlined Windjammer Festival Weekend with a heart warming sold out concert.

2014 Highlights

120th Anniversary Celebration: Our celebration began with cake and huge balloons on the Village Green in June and continued with performances from the “best of the past” featuring favorite performers Iris Dement, Noel Paul Stookey, and Greg Brown. Battlefield Band was here for Veterans Day. We festooned the building with new interior and exterior banners sponsored by Bangor Savings Bank and had two 120th celebration floats in the Christmas parade. The community joined us in gathering photos and history which we shared in a slide show shown before events and at a Camden Public Library lecture. We will also install a plaque on the exterior to highlight the buildings National Historic Register designation.

New initiatives

Community Supported Music – A concert series featuring local musicians, co-produced by the Opera House at a reduced rate to keep ticket costs low $10 pp.

Live in HD Opera – Weekend matinee screenings of big city opera close to home.

Family Fun Film Series – A weekend movie matinee series featuring family favorites, along with a newsreel and old fashioned cartoon.

Free Community Screening: The Opera House was the only venue in the nation to partner with Public television to offer a free screening of the documentary Andre the Seal the night of its national debut.

Sold Out Multi-Day Conferences: CIFF, Poptech and Camden Conference all sold out their multi-day conference programs. The Opera House provided increased services and resources to support all three.


Ethan Ratner, head volunteer and pop-corn helper at our new Winter Family-Fun Film Series.

$20,000 grant received to purchase a new projector and movie screen
$23,000 in earned income from Opera House Productions
$2,000 in donations from our 2nd Annual Appeal
$1,200 in event sponsorship

Facility Improvements: Our structure may be historic, but thanks to continual upgrades, our technology is state-of-the-art. This past year a grant allowed us to install a much higher quality projector and screen. We also invested in improved wifi connections throughout the building and a monitor for the green room to allow performers and staff to monitor what’s happening onstage. Finally, we have a new sound board set up and location for improved audio.


Voted Best of the Best Playhouse once again by Village Soup readers.


Huge thanks to:

Opera House Committee Members
Chair: Marc Ratner, Mishara Music

At large members:
Kate Bates, Serendipity
Ben Curtis
Elizabeth O’Connor
Suzanne Lufkin Weiss
Nora Hayes
120th anniversary chair: Renee Hutcheon

And our Select Board Liasion Donald White

Much thanks – although their role is designated an advisory one, committee members have each taken on expanded roles this year as we seek to accomplish more with limited resources. We could not accomplish what we do without their knowledge and dedication.

Technical and Facility Director: Dave Morrison
Custodian: Dan Ackley
Event Managers: Kay Henderson, Liz Knauer, Patty Kitchen, Kathie Kull and Kathleen Brown
Emma Goss (intern from Camden Rockport High School)
Tech Staff: Paul Weintraub, Foner Curtis, Tom Sadowski, Chris Lehmann
Volunteers – Peg Pickering – champion volunteer!! Jim Field, Lyn Degnan, Laurina Goss, Kathy Goss, Sy Horton, Susan McGovern, Deb Cautela, Kathy Goss, Debbie Brady, Edward Weeks, Judith Demott, Barbara Cizmazija, Susan Dexter. Irene Winship, Fran Noonan and Dave Mussey.
On-call Renaissance Men: Arthur Crockett, Jim Reitz