Dave-MorrisonThe Camden Opera House is a multi-use theater built in 1894 and renovated in 1994 that seats 489 people. The orchestra level is raked and seats 302 people. There are three two-seat units that can be removed to accommodate wheelchairs. The balcony level (not wheelchair accessible) seats 187 people. There are two upper loge boxes (that can only be used with permission of the venue) that seat four people in each. The theater is air-conditioned. The Camden Opera House is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is owned by the Town of Camden Maine.

Loading Access
Access to the elevator is on the front (Elm Street) side of the building. The elevator interior dimensions are 61” deep by 65” wide with a 91” ceiling. Door openings are 36” wide by 84” high. The orchestra level / stage is on the building’s second floor – cases can be rolled through the auditorium, and have to be lifted onto the stage.

Truck parking is available at the Public Safety building lot, a block away. A bus can be parked on Washington Street (side of the building / stage door) by prior arrangement with the Opera House, where there is a shore power outlet.

The stage is 32’ 10” deep from the front edge of the stage to the rear wall, and 37’ 8” from side wall to side wall. The proscenium opening is 25” wide by 14” high (the lower edge of the grand drape teaser). The thrust deck that covers the orchestra pit extends 6’8” from the front edge of the stage, increasing the depth of the stage area to 39’6” (please refer to the Camden Opera House Stage Layout diagram). The floor of the stage is hardwood painted black.
The orchestra pit measures 5’ 10” deep by 37’ 8” wide. The floor of the pit is 16” below the auditorium floor, and 52” below the stage. There is a hydraulic piano lift, and a hatch to the green room.





Backstage power: two 50 amp range plug outlets; two 20 amp and one 15 amp electrical outlets; two 30 amp quad circuits; 100 amp 3-phase drop with pigtail (5 leads).

Line Set Schedule:
All distances are referenced from the downstage edge of the stage (not including the 6’ 8” of the thrust deck):
Gold Act Curtain 3’ 6”
1st batten (1st electric – counterweighted) 5’
2nd batten 7’4”

Downstage black traveler 9’ 3”
3rd batten (2nd electric – counterweighted) 10’
4th batten 13’
5th batten 14’ 8”
6th batten (3rd electric – counterweighted) 15’ 2”
7th batten 18’ 2”
8th batten 21’
9th batten (4th electric – counterweighted) 21’ 4”
10th batten 22’
11th batten 24’
12th batten 24’ 6”

Upstage black traveler 26’

Empty traveler rail (cyc) 27’

There is no fly space at the Camden Opera House.

Non-electric battens use pin rails

Lighting Inventory

Light controller: ETC Element
Follow spot Altman Comet (2)
Intercom Telex base station plus four belt packs
Chauvet SlimProPars 4
Chauvet Intimidator 1
Chauvet Q-Wash 4
Chauvet LED blacklight 3
ETC Source Four 19* Ellipsoidal 21
ETC Parnels 9
Century Fresnels and Ellipsoidals 8

Sound Inventory
FOH console Mackie SR24-4 VLZPRO, Mackie Onyx 1640 in light booth
Amps Crown (Front of House, center fill, monitors, sub-woofer), and Peavey (balcony)
Speakers (2) EAW JFX200i speakers (mains), (4) EAWJFX88 speakers (center fill and monitors), (4) Renkus-Heinz speakers (balcony), Berringher B1800X sub-woofer, (2) Yamaha A12M monitor wedges, (2) Samson Auro D412 powered monitorsSound Inventory
Processor DBX Driverack, Alesis MidiVerb, ART graphic EQ, Symetrix compressor
Microphones (7) Shure SM58, (3) Shure SM57, (2) Shure Beta 87A handheld wireless, (1) Shure SLX1 lavalier wireless, (3) Audio Technica suspended choral mics (6) Condenser mics, (2) boundary mics
Misc. Assorted stands and booms, 4 channel sub-mixer, 4 DI boxes, Carvin bass amp, stage snake

NOTE: This is a mono system with four monitor mixes. The Opera House does not add or remove components, or reconfigure this system. For events that require a larger sound system we can recommend some excellent local sound companies.

A/V Inventory
Panasonic PT-D2870 (fixed) , Roland V-40 HD switcher
NEC NP 4001 projector
Epson EX21 projector
Teac CD-RW880 CD player/recorder
Teac CD P144OR CD player
Sony RDR-GX7 DVD player
Panasonic BMP-BD809 DVD/Bluray player

Mac Book Pro
HP Laptop

Stage and Rental Inventory
> Cyclorama
> Steinway grand piano
> Risers (5×6”, 5×12”, 5×18”)
> Podiums
> Acoustic shell
> Lower loge box railings

Green Room / Dressing Rooms: The green room complex is behind and below the stage. On either side there are stairwells that go from the ground floor to green room, to the house, to backstage, and the balcony. There is a large common room with couches, tables and a desk, refrigerator, microwave and coffee station. The main dressing room has a couch, sink, closets and six make-up stations. The secondary dressing room has a sink and toilet and seven make-up stations. There is a large bathroom one floor down by the stage door.

Technical Director
Juniper Purinton (207) 236-3154

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